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The Martinez CA community

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Where to go? What to see? [28 Mar 2011|06:35pm]



If you ever had these questions, then you how it is difficult to find something that would fit you.

Now it is easy! You don't need to dig through google results anymore, just go to the 



Quick, easy and user-friendly search for the best attractions in United States, Caribbean and Europe. You may set your preferred style of adventure (e.g Extreme, Beach, Culture, Family, Outdoor) and location where do you plan to go. It will give you result in seconds!


If you experienced tourist, then the site has even more to offer!

You may create your own tourist page; fill it with photos and interesting facts about you and your adventures. You may create list of visited attraction or the ones you just going to see. You even may create your own professional traveler's reports and tell at once to all your friends about "how it was" ;-)

Let's try?

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[20 Jul 2004|01:51am]

hey do you guys remember when MJHS tried to make us into a circus act? Mrs. Azeveedo had us doing summersaults all over in criss-crossy paths to one another, and balancing people on our shoulders and rolling... lots of rolling. what was up with that?

after that stint of P.E. I realized that my dreams would never be worth a damn because you know what, i'd never be a circus clown! I couldn't do a backward summersault.. and where do you go from there when you top off at something totally mundane and not circus worthy at all? and that thing im talking about is doing a foreward summersault. just pittiful.

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[20 Jul 2004|01:39am]

ATTN: People who want to craft like it's cool

The Happy Crappy Craft Crew is having it's first official meeting next week on Thursday, Jully 22, at 11:00 A.M. at Nancy Boyd park. Bring anything that you wish to craft there! Anything can be a craft: baking cookies in your solar oven, making a reusable sanitary napkin, glue some soda cans together! knit a windsock! the possibilities are endless. If your craft is that you want to get together with random people and make a skit, then that is your craft, and that's hot. I hope some people want to do that. I'm going to be there, waiting for you and all the people you invited, and of course, your astonishing crafts. We can sit in a circle and discuss life, and the new name of The Happy Crappy Craft Crew, as it is my brain child and just came up with this name without consortion of any sort. OMG THX SEE YOU THERE.

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AHS almost burned down, someone's house actually did. [26 Jun 2004|11:07pm]

oh man! was that fire not the martinez block party?! everyone was downtown just hammin' it up over some drinks and smoke inhalation. im fixin' to write a story about it, but what did y'all think??

i thought it was really amazing how the whole town came out, and that it was only in martinez that you could be in a fire and have people react the way that they did and with such pride and concern for each other. people were helping emergency routes run and offering each other condolences about lost or burnt homes, and i thought it was remarkably martinez; a testament to our small little place of love (although it is spooky love at times)

anyway, howdy'all find it?

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hey [21 Jun 2004|01:16am]

hey, whats up,
i live in motha fucken VINE HILL BABY yeaha
um i dont know what else to say but hello and 4th of july last year was crazy in vinehill and its going to be INSANE this year check it out if you not scared little girls.
hmm anything else?
i dunno im bored as fuck, later

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m_dizzle in the hizzle. [19 Jun 2004|02:19am]

um..so i think a major martinez event= marie-danielle sarah rekow being back in martinez for the summer. when are we going to party it up homies? i say...bowling night...orrrr...bowling night. mwahaha...i love bowling con todo mi corazon. anyway, it's late..and i'm tired/delirious.

sweet dreams m-town wankstas.

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pomp and circus pants [13 Jun 2004|10:33pm]

soo... whatdy'all think about gradeeation!!? the speech, the class, the STREAKER, the crowd.. anything!


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1st post, someone give me prezents! [12 Jun 2004|04:28pm]

[ mood | at home ]

wooh hooo!! first post in the hella_MTZ community!!!

anyway, i was inspired by the UCSC community when i was down there in hippiehummusbirkenstockland, which ruled by the way, because they have a great LJ community where we all talk and ask questions that pertain to the real life UCSC community, and it's fuckin sweet, so here, i set this up for me, my friends, and everyone to talk about things theyz tryina do in martinez, or things that have happened in martinez. it think it's cool guys! now join!

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