rosey shingles (on_hiatus) wrote in hella_mtz,
rosey shingles

ATTN: People who want to craft like it's cool

The Happy Crappy Craft Crew is having it's first official meeting next week on Thursday, Jully 22, at 11:00 A.M. at Nancy Boyd park. Bring anything that you wish to craft there! Anything can be a craft: baking cookies in your solar oven, making a reusable sanitary napkin, glue some soda cans together! knit a windsock! the possibilities are endless. If your craft is that you want to get together with random people and make a skit, then that is your craft, and that's hot. I hope some people want to do that. I'm going to be there, waiting for you and all the people you invited, and of course, your astonishing crafts. We can sit in a circle and discuss life, and the new name of The Happy Crappy Craft Crew, as it is my brain child and just came up with this name without consortion of any sort. OMG THX SEE YOU THERE.
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